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Design Activism and Social Change conference

Activism at Work - Crafting an Alternative Business
Dr Karen Yair
'The idea of consumer as participant goes beyond materials selection for some makers, to become part of the making process itself. Amy Twigger Holroyd, for example, believes that the more active a consumer is in the making process, the greater the emotional bond with the object and the longer its probable life. Amy makes her own knitwear range, but also aims to transform her customers into makers themselves, initially working to patterns and eventually creating their own designs. Running courses in 'pattern blagging' and 'stitch hacking' as well as selling knitting kits, Amy encourages the active participation she sees as crucial to genuine ownership.'

Making Futures conference

Craft and the Creative Lifecycle: making in changing times
Dr Karen Yair
'A lower impact, ‘as and when’ approach to retailing is adopted by Amy Twigger Holroyd, whose company offers knitting workshops to summer music festivals. For Amy, this is part of an activist philosophy focused on creating maximum value and minimum waste from everything produced.'

Simply Knitting

An extraordinary knitted art installation
Article about the Cast Away knitting project.


Artist Amy Twigger Holroyd made an entire BMW engine out of yarn
Interview with the Sundance Channel's website about the Knitted Engine.

Strong Island

Amy Twigger Holroyd
About my work for the Working Title exhibition at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.

Times Union

BMW and knitting?
Outlines the Knitted Engine project.


The Knitted Engine
Features my BMW project.

Prick Your Finger

Amy's Engine
Blog post about the Knitted Engine project.

The Knitter

Get involved with Amy Twigger Holroyd's knitted art installation
Describes the Cast Away project.

Simply Knitting

Knit Your Own Gladys Cardi with Amy Twigger Holroyd
Describes a Keep & Share knitting workshop.