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Stitch-Hacking and Pattern-Blagging: a manifesto
Blog post about my stitch-hacking and pattern-blagging presentation at In the Loop 2 conference, Shetland, 2010.

Sue Lane

Knitting Workshop
Sue Lane
Blog post about my stitch-hacking workshop, November 2010.

Crafts Council briefing note

Craft & Environmental Sustainability
Dr Karen Yair
'Craft has an essential role to play in building a more sustainable future, and in this briefing note we explore how makers are trailblazing the use of recycled and sustainably-sourced materials and pioneering new, low-impact alternatives. We also investigate how makers are raising awareness of environmental issues through their work, and we see how they are challenging the conventions of a consumer society based on over-consumption.' Includes discussion of my work.


Alice Cardi
Blog post in Japanese about knitting the Alice Cardi.


More London!
'I was blown away by the work of Amy Twigger Holroyd (let's not even talk about how I felt about her name, except to say it started with paroxysms and ended with joy), of Keep and Share. Amy's invented her own way of working with knits that she calls stitch hacking.'

Stitching n Junk

Stitching n Knitting n Stitching
Mr X Stitch's podcast about the Knitting & Stitching Show 2010, mentioning my work (around 43 minutes in).

Mr X Stitch

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - Knitting & Stitching Show 2010
'As you know, this is a stitchy blog, so I'm just going to make quick reference to a couple of knitters and we can move on. First up is Amy Twigger Holroyd from Keep & Share, who is a stitch hacking genius. I was so impressed with her work and her whole ethos that I even bought a crochet kit from her (gasp!).'

All About You

Ten best knitting kits
'Keep and Share is a cool ethical British knitwear design company which sells its own collection of handmade knits. For those of us who like to knit our own clothes, it also sells top-notch knitting kits - the beautifully designed classic 'Alice' cardigan; a knitted cape kit; and learn to crochet or knit kits which take total beginners through the basics. Highly recommended.'

Crafts Council report

Making Value: craft & the economic and social contribution of makers
Mary Schwarz and Dr Karen Yair
A qualitative research study commissioned by the Crafts Council to explore the characteristics of portfolio working makers and appraise their contributions to a range of industry sectors and community and education settings, including discussion of my work.


10 Craftspeople to watch
'Gorgeous knitwear'.