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Crafty Crafty

Keep & Share invite you to come and knit in Herefordshire this Autumn
Blog post about Keep & Share knitting workshops.

Country House

Knitting weekends
'Knitting is no longer just the realm of the Women's Institute. Knitting is in vogue. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Daryl Hannah is at it, so if you want to learn how to whip up your own cashmere knits, sign up for the two-day workshop in rural Herefordshire with designer Amy Twigger Holroyd. The ethical fashion guru will teach the basics between long lunches at the local pub. And for those who know their seam from their stitch, advanced courses are also available.'

Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

references to Keep & Share in chapter 6, 'Local and Light' and chapter 7, 'Speed'
Kate Fletcher
'Many designers and companies, some of whom work regularly with sustainability ideas, have produced pieces that exemplify appropriateness. Keep and Share, for example, specializes in versatile, long life garments. Uni-size, unisex knitwear is designed with anchor points to attach to a wrist or shoulder and with loose geometric shapes that drape around the body, resulting in a garment that can be shared between people. This intensifies use and saves resources because the same piece meets a number of people's needs. As well as intensifying use, Keep and Share promotes longevity through a strong, 'love it or hate it' aesthetic with offbeat colour palettes and be establishing a community of customers linked to each other via its boutique-type website.'

Marie Claire

Buy of the day
Features Keep & Share's Amaranta Dress.

The Southern Daily Echo

Knit one, purl ones... sustainable woollies could be a world-saver
'Sustainable knitwear label Keep & Share is bringing its eco-friendly travelling store to Winchester School of Art this July. The 'pop-up shop' is travelling around the country giving customers a chance to touch, try on and buy its quirky knitted pieces, which are usually only available online.'

Fair Companies

The trendiest fashion: buying quality and for keeps
Extended interview with Amy about the philosophy behind Keep & Share.


Indie Designer Interviews: Keep & Share: Handmade designer knitwear for men & women
Interview with Amy.

Sunday Times Style

The green dream
Jessica Brinton
'In fact, the best ideas are coming, not from the high street but from the environmental movement itself. A new gang of hippie capitalists is finally getting fashion for what it is: a business based on the creation of desire. They are taking on stylists and designers and upping the taste levels. In the next 10 years, one of them will get it so right that it will blow traditional brands out of the water. One contender is ... Keep & Share, a tiny knitwear brand that offers a mending and hand-washing service.'


Eco Edition by Keep & Share knitwear
Profile of new Keep & Share pieces using UK-produced alpaca and cashmere.

The Birmingham Post

Profile: Designer whose knitwear goes beyond fashion
Sally Hoban
'Luxury and sufficiency are not words often used in the same sentence. But designer Amy Twigger Holroyd's clothes are as green as they are glamorous.'