Reknitting in Rugby, part 3

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Another fantastic workshop at Rugby Art Gallery again today! It was great to see lots of projects in progress, and to have the chance to share the basics with three new recruits.

To the workshop participants: 

As promised, I've set up a Facebook group as a space for us to continue sharing our reknitting adventures:

See you there!!


Reknitting in Rugby, part 2

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We had another great reknitting session at Rugby Art Gallery yesterday - ideas and skills are progressing nicely!

For those who didn't attend the first session: there are a series of links in my last post which cover most of what we went through.

One bonus is my chart showing the relationship between stitches per 10cm, yarn group and suggested needle size - and then the ratios involved in changing from one group to another. Here it is, direct from my notebook:

A neater version will appear at some point!

This will (hopefully) be of use when you're changing from one gauge to another, whether knitting off open stitches or picking up through the knit to add a frill or pocket (as long as you're picking up horizontally along a row).

And then, here are the equivalent links and info for the stuff that was new this time:

Integral embellishment / calculating the multiplier


  • We talked through the process of 'cardiganising' a jumper.
  • On the treatment page there are links to further instructions, including Kate Davies' 'sandwich' method that I used for my sample: 
  • You could use the same principle to cut a new neckline and add a neck trim which encloses the raw edge.

Other stuff

Really looking forward to getting stuck in to some garment projects in our final session!

For those who aren't able to come to the final workshop: I'm really keen to keep in touch, hear how you get on, and help if you get stuck. You can email me via the contact page. Thanks!


Reknitting in Rugby, part 1

Saturday, September 24, 2016

After another long break from this blog (oops), I'm back - with renewed reknitting vigour.

In advance of my solo exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery next summer, I'm running a series of three workshops sharing the reknitting techniques. The first workshop took place today, and went very well indeed!

I promised the lovely knitters who took part that I would publish a post with links to the pages of the reknitting resource relating to what we did today, so here goes:

Inspiration and introduction

Playful deconstruction (chopping up!)

The spectrum of reknitting treatments

Sampling: knitting off open stitches

Sampling: adding a frill (optional homework!)

[Rugby knitters: don't forget to bring one or more garments that you might like to reknit next time ... and if you have friends who would like to come along to the other workshops, they are very welcome! Please ask them to book, if possible, on 01788 533217. Thanks again!]

My plan is that running these workshops will help me to put together some instructions on reknitting for beginners, that I can share more widely. Watch this space!


Apprenticeships in the Making

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I’m in a film!

I was one of the makers chosen to host two apprentices, Chris and Mark, as part of Craftspace’s action research project, ‘Apprenticeships in the Making’. Here’s some information on the project, which I have grabbed from the Craftspace website:

Apprenticeships in the Making was an action research project which took place in the run up to the current Made in the Middle exhibition. The project worked with young people who are not in education, employment or training, to discover and challenge their preconceptions of craft and to introduce them to potential pathways within the sector.

Through a series of taster sessions the participants experienced the skills of three makers from the exhibition, before progressing onto a week long residency. An aim of the project was to provoke the makers to contemplate the implications of taking on an apprentice long term and to consider what support, as sole traders, they would need to make this a viable proposition.

“I hadn’t really considered what a craftsperson did before, but working with Amy has made me realise the skill involved in knitting.” Mark

“My Granddad used to knit, he taught my Dad too. Amy has inspired me; even my Dad has started to knit again.” Chris

Chris has developed a real love for knitting! Instead of commissioning an item of knitwear (the final part of the project), Chris requested a knitting machine – so I sourced and reconditioned a machine for him. Within a couple of weeks of receiving it he’s already knitted several jumpers and is using YouTube and instruction books to learn new techniques. I’m hoping to work with him again in future and look forward to seeing how his making skills develop.


Workshops: crocheting, stitch-hacking, granny squares

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I thought I would share the fun from a few recent workshops. First up was a crochet lesson in a tent, which formed part of the hen party celebrations for Lisa, organised by her sister Claire. None of the group had crocheted before, but in the two hour lesson they managed to produce enough pieces to create a stunning – and certainly unique – cushion cover panel!

I had a fun afternoon puzzling the rectangular and not-so-rectangular pieces together. Each person tagged their piece with their name, so Lisa could remember everyone who contributed.

Next up was my Stitch-Hacking workshop at Prick Your Finger, held to coincide with the start of my exhibition in the shop (more on the exhibition, and what stitch-hacking is, here). It was a lovely cosy afternoon and everyone got the hang of the technique pretty quickly. In the pictures you'll find one of Rachael Matthews stitch-hacking a plain pink jumper she picked up when we were in Shetland last year. There's also a birds-eye view of some more of the action (including Tomofholland wearing his amazing red knit-frock which he’d just completed – read about it here). Good work everybody! I would love to see pictures of any ‘hacks’ you do in future!

And finally, I wanted to share an email I received after running a Hand Knitting and Crochet Workshop here in the Keep & Share studio a couple of weeks ago. I had a little group who worked really hard all day, going from absolute beginners to competent crocheters! The email is from Amanda, who particularly wanted to learn so she could make a granny square blanket:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a really big thank you for a most excellent Crochet workshop on Saturday. I have attached my first granny square attempt that I completed on Sunday evening. Although not perfect I am so pleased that it actually looks like what I set out to accomplish and two others actually can tell what it is. I am now planning on putting the quilt to one side and trying to do a single square blanket – hopefully in time for Christmas Eve (will let you know how I get on!)”

The final image above shows Amanda’s granny square – good luck with the blanket! 

You find out more about my workshops here. My next Hand Knitting and Crochet Workshop runs alongside a Stitch Hacking Workshop on 17 March 2012.