In the thick of the thesis

Monday, March 4, 2013

I felt it was time for a thesis update. I started writing up on 1st January, and I'm aiming to finish by 1st July. (That's a bit of a stretch goal, but it's how I roll.)

When I started, I made myself a colour-coded time plan for the first few months/chapters, the like of which has not been seen since GCSE revision days. I'm still on track, though I've fallen off the colour-coded bandwagon now. A few weeks ago, I decided I could jettison a whole chapter, and two weeks, from my plan - but then realised the same content would need to pop up in other chapters. 

So, now I'm aiming to have the first four chapters finished by the end of March, or thereabouts. It's going well, as the structure of those chapters is firmly in place. It's just that the skeleton needs fleshing out in places, and to do this, I need to finish my transcription marathon and also hunt around for some references.

Today, I delighted myself by making a new diagram, showing the sessions in my research, the topics and activities covered, the chapters these topics/activities contribute to, and the research aims the chapters contribute to. It's helping me to think ahead to the later chapters, which I'll start in April.

Meanwhile, the thesis cardigan is coming along nicely. As my end of March deadline represents half of my writing time, and the first four chapters will take up half of the 80,000 words I have to write, I'm aiming to get half of the cardigan, aka the body, done by the same time. Here you can see it knitted up to the armhole... very satisfying.