Elliott Remix Cardi

from the 2011-13 classic collection

Original description:

Having created the Elliott Cardi, I developed a sudden urge to make a new version, playing with the array of yarns surrounding me in the workshop.

After a lot of planning, sampling and musing, the Elliott Remix Cardi was born. It brings together - or remixes - many of the colours used in the ready to wear collection, combining them in an ever-changing pattern. The fabric is wonderfully tactile, with each design creating relief, as well as visual detail.

Somehow, the playful pattern combines perfectly with the elegant batwing shape to create an eminently wearable delight.

This piece can be made in your desired size, colour and yarn. The original was primarily wool, with small amounts of alpaca, cotton and viscose used for the highlight colours. It could be commissioned in the same yarn, or reinvented. Tell me your ideas when you enquire!


Price to commission an item in a similar yarn to the original. Further changes may incur an additional charge.