Ample Samples

In September 2004 I began a one-year residency at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, a specialist college of further education for visually impaired people. The art department ran courses and clubs, catering for a wide range of academic and recreational art students, who worked in a variety of two and three dimensional media. As Artist in Residence, I ran some recreational art sessions with the students. 

The 'Ample Samples' project was a joint entry to a costume competition run by MAD UK. The idea - to create a costume from countless sweatshirts, sewn together organically - grew from experiments with old knitted garments that were part of my MA design development process. The costume was made by six students during recreational art sessions at the college. We were delighted to win second prize in the competition!

  • Made in 2004

  • The costume was made by Eleanor Newcomb, Lynne Rossiter, Erica Cole, Chris Lyon, Susanna McLeary and Faye Williams.

    The final piece was modelled by Kyle Oran.