Research group projects

Catherine's cardigan

"I liked the lovely rich red colour and feel of the knit – silk, wool and cotton. It was rather sad – no buttons and plenty of pulled threads and holes. I wanted to tackle the size of garment – the sleeves looked particularly enormous."





Kiki's cardigan

"This was a cardigan which I had bought around 15 or even 20 years previously. It was badly worn at the elbows and at the cuffs and I had not worn it for a very long time. It was a measure of how attached I was to it that it was still there in the wardrobe."





Margaret's cardigan

"My favourite cardigan was full of holes – especially the sleeves. So I hadn’t worn it for a long time, but I couldn’t throw it out – it had lots of happy memories! I decided to reknit both sleeves. I would darn any other holes and do some stitch hacking on the back."





Julia's cardiganised jumper

"My choice of project was to ‘cardiganise’ a jumper I had in my wardrobe. It had not been worn for some time but I liked the colour and the warmth. However, it was a bit tight so I thought this idea would make it more wearable."





Anne's jumper

"This is one of my daughter's favourite jumpers. The ribbing on the welt and cuffs had lots of holes and there were holes in one of the sleeves. I decided to take off the ribs, pick up the stitches and knit a new rib down from the main body of the jumper."





Alex's cardigan

"I had a perfectly good hand knitted cardigan in my wardrobe. I had become bored with it but it was too good to throw away and I was looking for a way to to update it and make it more colourful."