Green Man 2009 & 2010

Green Man is a lovely festival in the Brecon Beacons. It seems like an old friend - we've been at the festival since 2005, either as visitors or with the Travelling Store. Despite the frequent presence of those old festival demons, rain and mud, we always manage to knit on! 

In 2009 we created a Green Man festival blanket. Rather than knitting lots of squares to be sewn together (not usually a knitter's favourite job), we asked participants to 'knit off' existing pieces, creating a patchwork of linked contributions. Like the Latitude bunting project, we asked the knitters to share a memory or message on a postcard. 

In 2010 we displayed the finished blanket, and were delighted to find people running to the tent to spot their piece! That year our knitting project was the 'Wall of Knit' - an installation of knitted fragments, hanging in space, which grew and evolved at each of the festivals we visited.

  • August 2009 and August 2010

  • Many thanks to all who contributed, and to the knitting team: Marissa, Verity, Phoebe, Kate, Dan and Amy