Hay Festival 2009

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to bring the Travelling Store to the famous Hay Festival. Alongside the stall, I ran some workshops and organised my first communal knitting project. In a rather impromptu fashion, I assembled my nana's huge collection of knitting needles and a stash of leftover yarn. I invited visitors to the festival to borrow needles and yarn and knit squares of any size or stitch to contribute to a 'festival blanket'. 

The project was an overwhelming success - there were people knitting all over the festival site throughout the 10 days of the event. In the end, I received over 450 squares (some of which were far from square, but very welcome nonetheless). Each one was tagged with the name, or names, of the knitter(s). With some help, I sewed the pieces together in irregular patchwork to create not one, but three huge blankets. 

In May 2010 the blankets were exhibited at the festival, and auctioned in aid of Oxfam.

  • Made at Hay Festival in May 2009; exhibited and auctioned at Hay Festival in May 2010

  • Many thanks to all of the knitters who took part, the volunteers who helped during the festival, those who helped with the sewing, and the bidders who bought the finished blankets