Latitude 2012

In 2012 we returned once again to Latitude, launching my latest communal knitting project: the Knitting Circle.

To create the circle, I machine knitted 24 metres of narrow-width fabric, and grafted it closed to create a continuous loop. The circle was suspended at waist height on steel fencing pins, to create a free-standing structure. At many points around the circle, we picked up stitches and knitted, so that new strands were growing off the original one. As the knitting grew long enough, we would join it back onto the circle to create additional loops which, in turn, could be knitted off.

As the festival progressed, the circle became gradually more complex and elaborate. It ebbed and flowed - at times, full of people; at others, empty, with the hanging bags and needles both showing previous activity and inviting interaction. The project became almost autonomous at times - our favourite moment was around 11.30 on the Saturday evening, after the headline act had finished, when we looked around and found that the previously empty circle had quietly filled up with late-night knitters.

Read more about the Knitting Circle in this blog post.

  • July 2012

  • Thanks to everyone who joined the Knitting Circle, and to my volunteers: Sarah, Tim, Amy, Richmal and Cybèle. Thanks to Amy for sharing her photos (top row)!