Thesis cardigan

As I wrote my PhD thesis, I knitted a cardigan: a duplicate of a much-loved item from my wardrobe. Writing, like knitting, is a slow process; this practical activity helped me to track my progress. The project provides an example of the copy re-knitting treatment.

I 'read' the pattern from the original, camel-coloured cardi, and enjoyed discovering the secrets of its construction, section by section. I matched the gauge as closely as I could, though the new fabric knitted up a little bit tighter than the original, so required an extra cable in the length. I also extended the sleeves, as I felt I would wear the black cardi more in winter, and so wanted it to be cosy!

The challenge of recreating the delicate crochet ball buttons was particularly satisfying.

These images of the work in progress – starting with the original garment and test samples and ending with the finished piece, which I sewed up as I wrote my conclusions – were included between the chapters to reflect the reader’s journey through my thesis.

  • Knitted between January and August 2013