PhD research

From 2010 to 2013, I undertook full-time PhD research at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, part of Birmingham City University.

>> Read the abstract of my thesis, Folk fashion: amateur re-knitting as a strategy for sustainability

>> See a visual summary of the starting points, process, and findings of the research

>> The full thesis document is available via the British Library's Ethos database

>> This research forms the basis of my book, Folk Fashion: Understanding Homemade Clothes

You can read excerpts from the conclusion in this section, covering purpose, methodology, aims and findings and key insights. I have also drawn out some themes from the thesis in blog posts and publications.

In the process of the research, I created a resource of practical materials relating to re-knitting. This resource can be found in the making section.

And finally, for an explanation of my term 'folk fashion', see this blog post.