Stitch-hack initials

I decided to stitch-hack my initials into the sample jumper.

Rather than use charted letters from an external resource, I used the computer to put the text into a range of fonts and sizes. I cut them out and placed them in the position I'd chosen, to find the right size:

Next, I used an online tool to create a sheet of graph paper at the same gauge as my fabric, and traced my chosen text onto it. I included some rows of plain stocking stitch between the letters and the opened row.

I tried on the jumper and basted a line to show the position:

I cut a stitch and opened the row to the required width, picking up the open stitches on a spare thread to hold them safe. Then, I laddered and reformed each column, one by one, to create the design:

And finally grafted the fabric closed using a contrast yarn:

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