Ganseys #48 & #49

In 2010 I was honoured when my friend and former knit tutor, Dr Annie Shaw, asked me to stitch-hack two ganseys for her. The ganseys are part of an extended project, described by Annie as follows:

'The generic example of a gansey or fisherman's jumper was used as a basic form to develop new approaches to garment making. In a method which mirrors mass-customisation, 50 samples were knitted using WholeGarment® technology. Craft-like and 'situationist' techniques were then used to develop, subvert and interrogate mass-produced units. The ganseys were taken on an experimental, developmental journey. Some of the experiments have commercial potential; others offer ideas that question the values of a globalised mass-produced fashion industry.'

I responded to Annie's ganseys using stitch-hacking techniques. On gansey #48, 'Scarborough' (in cream), I hacked a cable, along with our names along the sleeves. On gansey #49, 'Filey Brigg', I used a two-colour hacking technique and worked the year into the sleeve.

You can find out more about Annie's wonderful work here.

  • Made in 2010

  • Quote taken from Shaw, A., 2010. 'Looking backwards to look forwards'. In Jessica Hemmings (ed.) In The Loop: Knitting Now, 128-131, Black Dog Publishing, London.