Found vest, stitch-hacked

After creating 'St Michael - 12 - 40' I was keen to continue the St Michael theme. I have found myself obsessively searching for items which were made in the UK, perhaps out of nostalgia for a time when production and consumption were more geographically related. 

This little vest (sourced after extensive eBay searching) is older, and even finer gauge, than the first piece. Again, the text is lifted directly from the garment label: size, country of origin and retailer's code. The purl stitches forming the circle around '14GB' are double-gauge: I ladder two columns of stitches and reform them as one, splitting back to their original size for the smooth surfaces of the numbers and letters.

  • Made in 2012

  • Available for exhibition. Previously exhibited in 'Made in the Middle', 2012-13.